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Driving Global Revenue Growth


Edtech companies often focus on the educational benefits of their tools to the detriment of financial considerations. At GES, we focus on launching edtech companies into aggressive revenue growth by introducing them to the right international markets.

Global Expansion Strategies works with EdTech companies to establish contractual relationships directly with strategic channel partners, school operators, education franchises, purchasing conglomerates, education publishers, and ministries of education on six continents.

Within each of these segments, GES and our strategic channel partners facilitate the process to ensure buy-in from the key executive management, administrators and teachers at the institutions as well as parents and students.  

We enable all stakeholders to understand how optimum student outcomes can be achieved upon implementation and ensure consistent use and management of the solution to realize maximum results that lead to scale.


GES will help your company become an international brand without ever opening an office in a foreign country. 

This is possible through our unique combination of in-house global business development expertise and the on-the-ground know-how of our strategic channel partners. From the boardroom to the classroom, we offer an efficient end-to-end solution that realizes the global market growth, scale and retention goals.

Our unique process has been proven effective for many edtech companies to achieve market penetration that generates sustainable and scalable revenue growth year-over-year.

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