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Global Market Entry

for Edtech Companies


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needs of international education markets, allowing your solution to be scaled abroad efficiently and effectively without ever setting foot in that market.

The vision for Global Expansion Strategies and our community of global strategic partners was created by our founder, Michael E. Spencer, MBA, and his personal, academic, and professional experience that spans the globe.  


Since its inception, the GES Community has grown exponentially, currently encompassing more than 15 million students, 1.5 million teachers, and more than 30,000 schools across 30+ countries.  

Market fit and scalability drive our process to ensure your successful implementation and revenue growth year-over-year.

Based in Silicon Valley, Global Expansion Strategies (GES) is an international growth and investment consulting firm with a network of global strategic partners who have come together for the sole purpose of helping innovative edtech companies expand globally.


Our journey began in Silicon Valley, where we created, marketed and distributed consumer technology, then moved into founding and co-founding edtech companies, aggressively expanding worldwide, raising capital, and achieving successful exits.

Our unique, proven process aligns innovative edtech solutions with the


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Michael E. Spencer

My passion for the world of international business stems from my upbringing as a global citizen.  I spent my childhood living, and attending school overseas --I was born in East Africa, where I attended a private French school, and went on to live in several countries throughout the Middle East, Europe, and Latin America. After graduating from high school in Paraguay in 1982, I moved to the US to pursue my university education. 

Growing up in these different cultures provided me with insight and understanding of the differing needs of each region, and my exposure to living abroad drove my decision to further my education with an MBA from the Monterey Institute of International Studies.

After university, I began my career in the Silicon valley where I assisted companies with their expansion into international markets. The edtech industry was heating up, and I found a passion for helping these companies achieve their aggressive growth goals by building strategies for them to expand globally. 

Throughout this journey, I developed a unique, proven process of aligning edtech solutions with the needs of international education markets, allowing them to be distributed efficiently and effectively without expending resources or capital to set up on-the-ground operations in different countries.

After founding and co-founding several edtech companies, and working with them to raise capital and achieve successful exits, I knew I had a unique service that I could make available, and thus Global Expansion Strategies (GES) was launched!

There has never been a better time for edtech companies to expand overseas. There is a tremendous focus within the education industry (from both edtech publishers and education institutions) to migrate from print to digital media. This focus has made both publishers and institutions aware of the intersection where academics meet economics. This intersection, with the availability of digital media and a large variety of blended learning modalities, leads to better student outcomes and improved financial gains for both.

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